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Dorit Susan Ilani, Ph.D., The Performance Breakthrough Doctor™, is the author of Pause-Ability, the Most Elegant Way to Outperform Yourself and the Founder of The Pause Method®. She is a professional speaker, workshop leader, trainer, facilitator and coach who works with companies, organizations, professional associations and the military to improve individual and organizational performance and adapt to change.

When you hire Dr. Ilani to provide training and facilitation for your company or organization you’ll see radical, profound changes in your staff, cultural dynamics, and performance.

When given the opportunity to move into more intensive training beyond keynotes and inspirational talks, Dr. Ilani is able provide in-depth, hands-on, interactive and accelerated learning for your participants so they can walk away with cutting-edge tools for lasting change.

For instance, your participants will move:

  • From being stuck in interpersonal grudges to positive day-to-day interactions.
  • From going-along-to-get-along to functional team dynamics with true consensus building.
  • From withholding their talents and abilities from the company to being motivated to fully contribute at their peak capacity.
  • From off-the-mark communication to meaningful dialogue and cooperative effort.
  • From struggling with diversity issues to feeling more comfortable embracing a wide range of contributors and customers.
  • From reactive, negative customer service to serving customers — even the challenging ones — in a positive, respectful, proactive manner that feels truly authentic.

Services Provided

Dr. Ilani offers custom-designed facilitation and training programs for your industry or company.

Customized programs are one of the most effective options offered by Dr. Ilani. With them, you receive exceptional Pause Method® training customized to your specific industry, products, and services. Dr. Ilani works with your designated representatives getting to know your mission, your industry-specific challenges, organizational culture, and current business goals. She gains a clear picture of how you have educated your people, how you are interacting with your current industry’s challenges, and what your desired outcomes are for the program.

Core training programs typically include:

  • In-house facilitation and intensives
  • Off-site intensives or training
  • Keynote lectures
  • Company or executive retreat facilitation
  • Corporate or employee training
  • Pre-facilitation preparation via articles and introductory materials.

Dr. Ilani also provides follow-up support.

Not only does Dr. Ilani provide in-depth training and facilitation services, as part of your custom-package design, she bundles every program with follow-up services so that people have support to put what they’ve learned into action.

Follow-up packages might include:

  • Individual coaching for selected team members such higher level executives, managers, employees who are challenged in various areas the company wants to invest in improvement for, etc. Coaching is offered in-person, by phone, or over Skype.
  • Group coaching, which can be offered based on organizational roles, departments, by current challenges, or other commonalities. Group coaching is also offered in-person, by phone, or online video platform.
  • Teleconferences, which can be held weekly or quarterly for larger or small groups.
  • On the premise intensives for small groups.
  • Off-site intensives or training.
  • A customized online daily accountability system overseen by Dr. Ilani.

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