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Keynotes & Speaking Topics

Dr. Ilani’s most frequently requested keynotes and speaking topics include:

7 Keys to Outperforming Yourself
Managing Change
Reining in Overwhelm
Embracing Diversity Effectively
Getting Along with Others When It’s Difficult
Boosting Your Brain Power For Greater Success
Your Business/Career Can Only Grow As Much As You Do

Dr. Ilani always tailors topics, content, and tools specifically to your organization or company’s immediate needs.

Custom-Designed, Dynamic Keynotes & Talks

Dorit Susan Ilani, Ph.D., The Performance Breakthrough Doctor™, is the author of Pause-Ability: the Most Elegant Way to Outperform Yourself and the founder of The Pause Method®. She is a professional keynote speaker, workshop leader, trainer, facilitator, and coach who works with companies, organizations, professional associations, and the military to improve individual and organizational performance and adaptation to change.

Dr. Ilani’s Specialities

Dr. Ilani specializes in advancing performance, improving organizational culture, enhancing employee and customer relations, alleviating stressful interactions with difficult people, managing change with less stress and greater ease, and more.

Dr. Ilani Has a Unique Speaking Style

Dr. Ilani is known for her incredibly personable and engaging speaking style. She illustrates her talks with real life case studies, storytelling, lively examples, and anecdotes that challenge your audience to think differently about the way they go about their lives, their work, and how they produce results. Dr. Ilani goes beyond mere entertainment to being deeply engaging — she hits home with what’s most important to your audience, which empowers them to improve their lives and surpass their prior results.

Dr. Ilani also has an exceptional capacity to take highly complex information and make it down-to-earth, easy to use, and easy to understand.

Whether you are looking for an inspirational keynote, a transformational talk, or a hands-on workshop or presentation, Dr. Ilani will captivate your audience with the latest in cutting-edge information, tools, and resources.

Everything she does is designed to create an interactive, accelerated learning process and transformational experience. Participants always walk away with tools they can put to use in their lives right away.

Dr. Ilani Creates a Transformative Experience for Your Audience

As a decision maker, the most important things for you about Dr. Ilani as a speaker are:

  1. Dr. Ilani does not give canned talks. She spends considerable time customizing her presentations so that her material has direct impact on Your People, Your Competition, Your Change Initiative, and Your Needs. Her goal is to make your meeting a success, leave a lasting impact, and make you look good!
  2. Dr. Ilani speaks on a wide spectrum of topics including those listed below.
  3. Titles may be modified to best serve your event, fit its overall theme, and use the terms your audience is familiar with (or best resonates with).

Topics are delivered either as keynotes, introductory talks, in depth hands-on training/facilitation, and/or coaching sessions.

Dr. Ilani’s Most Frequently Requested Topics

7 Keys to Outperforming Yourself

Move from trial and error to proven strategies

When people think of outperforming themselves, they tend to focus on improving external, measurable results and miss the ease and elegance that comes from knowing precisely what inner tools and techniques to use and when. Worse, usually people who attempt to use inner mindset work are guided by only the vaguest of notions or limited approaches borrowed from pop psychology that don’t give an effective map to move from one performance level to another. This leaves people frustrated, ashamed, embarrassed, or feeling that there is something wrong with them when in fact they just used a limited understanding or limiting tools.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • What it really takes to outperform yourself on a regular basis
  • How to move away from vague notions and slogans to a real strategy
  • How to re-inspire and re-motivate yourself

Reining In Overwhelm

Strategies to regain control and manage your attention

In the hectic culture we live in, where life just keeps speeding up and the market, political, and social structures we rely on are constantly changing, and we are forced to continually learn new information, more technology, and skills, staying clear about our priorities and adhering to what’s most important to us without getting distracted is becoming increasingly more challenging. Although we live in this fast-paced 21st century, our brains and inner operating systems haven’t fully adapted to the information explosion we’re facing, which means we often feel reactive and overwhelmed as a result.

Dr. Ilani uses her cutting-edge tool, The Pause Method®, to help your audience rein in overwhelm and feel calm, centered, and clear in the face of all this change.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • Strategies to tackle tasks when you are in overload
  • Tools to clear yourself on a regular basis to prevent overload
  • Tools to stay on top of your tasks
  • Understand the gateway to your inner resources and how to guard it

Embracing Diversity Effectively

A ground-breaking approach to embracing diversity

As our culture has changed its values, there is an increasing pressure and demand, both legally and otherwise, to be racially and culturally correct toward all diverse groups and minorities. However, the necessary means to change — both internally and externally — has not been provided. We even use punitive measures against those who outwardly express these prejudices without teaching them how to change. This pressure forces people to repress their now unacceptable notions deeper into their subconscious, which puts them paradoxically at greater risk for prejudicial behavior.

As a daughter of a Holocaust Survivor, Dr. Ilani understands that diversity challenges are not limited to stereotypical scenarios but rather affect people from all levels of educational, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, and that traditional education is not the solution. The change must come from within.

In this talk, your audience will:

  • Increase personal awareness of what prejudices and stereotypes one inherits from the culture, without having to disclose them to the group
  • Replace culturally absorbed prejudices and stereotypes with new conscious choice
  • Learn a proven, powerful tool to overcome personal and professional limits and limitations

Find out more about Dr. Ilani’s comprehensive, multi-tiered Diversity Programs here.

Your Business/Career Can Only Grow As Much As You Do

How to instantly transform your business, career and life with uncanny precision and reliable results

We all have greater potential than we currently manifest. The standard approach to solving this problem is “mindset” work or belief change work, which only scratches the surface of what’s required for deeper, lasting change. Dr. Ilani teaches that we need to change both your “inner operating system”, which means working at a much deeper level, and your specific inner “programs” on a regular basis.

This is because as you shift to a new level, if you don’t reprogram your inner operating system, very much like upgrading your computer, you will experiences glitches in your reality and frustration as you hit your own unique inner glass ceiling. To make real, proactive change, it’s necessary for you to get ahead of the curve and learn the inner skills necessary to reprogram key inner aspects of yourself, including your image and beliefs, the obsolete survival rules and contracts you made at moments of intense experiences as a child, adolescent, or even later in life.

The bottom line is that what you don’t know can hurt or limit you and your business or career.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • What personal growth actually means and how to master it
  • How to move away from pop psychology and cultural slogans to real understanding you can use
  • About the precise components of your inner operating system required to move your growth to the next level
  • How to break through your personal barriers
  • What it takes to free yourself from your inner shackles or those you may have adopted from your family or culture


Getting Along with Others When It’s Difficult

Innovative solutions for relationship building & get better results in your life and business

Getting along with others, whether at work or in our personal lives, can be incredibly challenging — particularly when we consider how much we’re already affected by the constantly changing world around us, economically, politically, socially, and otherwise. We can feel threatened, anxious, irritable, and angry when difficult personal interactions arise. When we react to these situations without understanding the deeper forces at play in ourselves and others, we ultimately limit the success of our interactions — and the results we might see in our lives or work as a result.

What we must learn instead is to make conscious choices about how we respond to others, based in a deeper understanding of the true role emotions play in our interactions. We must also learn to recognize, value, and properly utilize both our vulnerabilities and strengths.

Dr. Ilani will teach your audience:

  • The biggest myths about positive and negative emotions
  • Why you don’t release “negative” emotions — Surprise! There are positive and negative reasons why we hold on to them
  • The most common myths about imprisoning anger and controlling it
  • Solutions for releasing anger without harm to self or others
  • To free yourself from negative baggage about your co-workers, boss, employees so that you can start with a clean slate
  • Effective ways to reduce/eliminate workplace hostility & create a productive, healthy organizational culture
  • Proactive ways to keep your emotional/social deck clear
  • The best ways to stay present and “in the moment” with others
  • 7 ways to get along with toxic people

Optimize Your Brain Power for Greater Success

Cutting edge lessons for daily performance from neuroscience & more

As a neurofeedback specialist and a long-term meditator, Dr. Ilani has a unique set of insights on how to optimize one’s brain for greater success. Fortunately, science has moved from a fixed perception of the brain’s potential to a deeper understanding of the flexibility of the brain, termed neuroplasticity. We now understand that we can create new neural connections until the day we die, overriding our old neuropathways and creating new, more optimal pathways.

Dr. Ilani teaches specific techniques we can use boost our brains and maximize our performance with diet, supplements, brain exercises, reprogramming, and how intensely positive experiences all can contribute to brain optimization.

In this talk, your audience will:

  • Discover how some of your daily, seemingly mundane, habits are actually an indirect attempt to regulate you brain intuitively
  • Learn about the most current, scientifically-based technology to boost your brain regulation
  • Learn key strategies to refrain from brain overload
  • Gain prevention-solutions to clear your inner deck on a regular basis

Managing Change

Dr. Ilani is a Certified Change Management Expert and develops customized talks and keynotes for each organization, corporation, or association she works with, on such topics as:

  • How change affects people differently throughout an organization — personally and in relationship to your role in the company
  • How proper planning for change affects the bottom line
  • Getting everyone on board and understanding the strategy and need for change
  • How to motivate yourself to cope with change — even when you disagree with it.
  • And more

Find out more about Dr. Ilani’s Change Management Programs here.

To Book Dr. Ilani

Please fill out the survey below or simply call Dr. Ilani at 310-281-8844 to set up a complimentary pre-program consultation. You can also get in touch using our online contact form. For international inquiries, please request a Skype appointment, or email Dr. Ilani at speaker@performancebreakthroughdoctor.com.


Speaking Testimonials

"I am sorry to say that I missed Dr. Ilani's brief to 750 Marines returning from deployment and their spouses. One of our Training Directors in attendance stated “It was the best brief I ever have heard on the base in the past 15 years.” At the end of her presentation, the entire Marines' group gave Dr. Ilani a big “Oorah” (in this context, an equivalent to a civilian's standing ovation). I did have the opportunity to take one of Dr. Ilani's seminars last year. I was very impressed by the experience and the immediate impact her seminar made on my life."

Emily P. Jones

PMP, MBA PDHRA Program Manager HQMC Quantico, VA

"The training shifted my work relationships dramatically and increased my productivity."

Roger Wood

Musician and Computer Wiz

"The training was far too short. We all wanted more"

The Real Estate Team

Palm Springs, CA

After taking 8 weeks of The Pause Method® training

"It changed my whole life"

Carolyn Carr Klein

Artist and Writer, Santa Monica, CA

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful, inspiring workshop you presented. It has changed the way I look at my business, a plus for my bottom line. I did not expect the powerful changes it has made in my personal life. I can't thank you enough. The Pause Method® helped me with my business."

Cindy Lynn Brazeal

Blue Coyote Jewelery Sherman, Texas

"Dr. Dorit Ilani presented The Pause Method®, as a half- day workshop, at the American Holistic Nurses Association's Conference. Her workshop was a great success and was one of the most well attended. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again."

Miriam Hillson

Former Conference Planner/Coordinator At a national American Holistic Nursing Association Flagstaff, Arizona

After taking 4 hours of The Pause Method® For Nurses

"I can't even tell you how different I feel. This dark cloud that always weigh on me, disappeared."

J.C., A nurse

St. Paul Minneapolis

After taking training for hospital staff

"You definitely have the “gift” of teaching self- development and how to focus and tap into inner strengths. Thank you for your excellent presentation. It had great impact on my personal and professional life"

Julie Grimes


After attending dozens of Dr. Ilani’s Wounded Warriors’ training/group sessions

"Dr. Ilani’s presentations are extremely powerful and they have benefited many Service Members. Thank you Dr. Ilani for all that you do and for being the wonderful person you are!!!"

Julie Grimes

LPT Biofeedback/Neurofeedback Wounded Warriors Battalion, MHOP Hope and Care Center Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California

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