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Dr. Ilani’s Other Services

Dr. Ilani offers services in addition to her coaching, speaking, training and other programs, including:

  • Performance Business Consulting: Dr. Ilani works intuitively with business owners and other business professionals to help you in all facets of your business development, including increase revenues, discover new business possibilities, find new levels of clarity, reinvent their businesses, improve marketing strategies, and break through to the next level.
  • Intensive Breakthrough Retreats: Join Dr. Ilani in the Palm Springs area or a location of your choice for an intensive breakthrough retreat designed to help you re-emerge with an updated self-image, greater personal clarity, and feeling of renewal.
  • Pause Therapy®: Dr. Ilani offers in-person or phone-based private therapy sessions for California residents.

Get In Touch

To find out more about Dr. Ilani’s business consulting, intensive retreats, and private therapy, please get in touch using her online contact form, or call her at 310-281-8844, or email her directly at coach@performancebreakthroughdoctor.com to address your unique needs.