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Dr Dorit Ilani

Dr. Ilani’s Other Programs

Dr. Ilani offers other programs in addition to her coaching, speaking, and training programs, including:

  • The Spiritually Led Life, which is a group mentoring program for people who truly want to master their inner landscape, commit to personal growth and achieve visible results in every area of their lives. Dr. Ilani accepts only a small number of selected mentees each year. There is an application and interview process to be accepted.
  • The Nationwide Military Support Program, which is designed to help active duty Service Members transition effectively and easily back into civilian life.
  • The Online Daily Accountability Program, which helps business owners and professionals accomplish goals through small group coaching, daily accountability, and community support.

New Programs in Development

Dr. Ilani continually develops new programs, including customized programs for individuals, corporations, and organizations. Please get in touch using her online contact form, or call her at 310-281-8844, or email her directly at coach@thepausemethod.com to address your unique needs.