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Whether you’re looking for individual or group coaching, Dr. Ilani will teach you specific strategies of the Pause Method® that immediately relate to your current challenges so you can break through, be more centered, develop a sense of equanimity, prevent burnout, recover from burnout, release past burdens, shatter your own inner glass ceiling, see yourself in a new way, and reprogram yourself for a bigger, better future.

When you work with Dr. Ilani you will:


  • Go beyond fear to accomplish what matters most to you.
  • Break through your barriers and old behavior patterns.
  • Increase your confidence by learning how to deal with difficult situations and difficult people.
  • Release negative emotions.
  • Learn to respond rather than react.
  • Increase your ability to be present and current.
  • Develop greater freedom of choice unhindered by your past experiences.
  • Gain clarity and vision about yourself and what you truly want out of life.
  • Learn to thrive in fast-paced environments effectively.
  • Maintain your energy even in high stress situations.
  • Retain your creativity even under intense pressure.

Athletes, actors, speakers and other professionals work with coaches to assist them in delivering their best, transforming their challenges into breakthroughs, turning obstacles into opportunities, moving difficult areas into a new level of empowered choice and in reaching their maximum potential. Now you can experience the same results by working with an accomplished, dedicated coach.

Dr. Ilani, is known as The Performance Breakthrough Doctor™ because she helps you function and feel your best – whether you are looking to reinvent yourself or your businesses, or to find solutions to seemingly complex situations. When you work together, Dr. Ilani’s will help you find greater balance, success, clarity, productivity, prosperity, confidence, passion, purpose and meaning, peace of mind, and income.

Dr. Ilani will work with you to provide you with the knowledge, tools, encouragement and accountability (daily or weekly) you need to achieve your potential. Her extensive background in human behavior, organizational dynamics and business helps individuals and organizations maximize performance, overcome obstacles more easily, and realize success. When you work with Dr. Ilani you get four-for-the-price-one: healing, coaching, mentoring and reprogramming. You will have a more breathable life.

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Read on to find out more about how coaching works and Dr. Ilani’s coaching programs and options.

How Does Business or Personal Coaching Work?

You (the coachee) and I as your coach work together as a team. We start out by identifying the future you want to create — because all healing and change comes from the future — and in that context we review your challenges, concerns, strengths and weaknesses. Once this is accomplished we focus on the skills you will need. We then work on the strategies and solutions necessary to attain mastery and control of those skills. In this process you will eliminate and/or reduce your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. As a result your professional and personal life will improve.

Coaching Program Options

Executive/Corporate Coaching

This one to one coaching program assists managers, leaders, executives and employees to become more efficient, effective and productive. The coaching sessions benefit executives and business leaders by assisting them in such areas as conflict management, executive communication, people skills, emotional intelligence, personal presence and confidence, goal setting, leadership development, management development, stress management, sustaining growth, developing and accomplishing strategic plans, enhancing decision-making, handling difficult people and work situations, helping to meet sales goals, clarifying priorities, sticking to the plan, acting as sounding board and developing a road map to get results.

Personal Growth/Life Coaching

As your personal development coach I will work with you to assist you in improving your life and career goals. If you want to gain confidence, know where you are going and why, accomplish more each day with less stress and effort, create more balance and enjoyment of life, attain peace of mind, get out of a rut or overwhelm, become more proactive and less reactive, break out of self defeating behaviors, clear the deck from old bad experiences, overcome anger, resentment and other negative emotions, become more likeable, overcome old barriers, enhance your personal presence, get along with others, achieve the goals you want and create the life you desire, this is for you. I will also work with you to provide a “road map” to help you get to where you want to go and give you the tools, support and structure to accomplish this. I am not only well educated in this area, but also have devoted my life to the inner transformation and have a unique set of tools to offer you. To date only executives, the Marine Corps, Hollywood stars & personnel have benefited from this unique coaching program. You are now invited to participate.

Online Daily Accountability

To augment your coaching program, I also offer an online daily accountability program to help you put what you’re learning into practice and to track your daily progress in a tangible way. Find out more here.

Group/Team Coaching

Many organizations face challenges and concerns where an entire group of individuals are in need of coaching. Whatever the reason, a performance gap is recognized which demands a management response. I will work with your team as a facilitator and coach to assist them in identifying goals, objectives, problems and challenges. We will then come up with strategies and solutions. One of my unique solutions, when appropriate, is a daily group accountability online support where together we can measure daily progress and break down big tasks into small manageable pieces. We also use it to cultivate new desired behavior. It is a scientifically-based, positive reinforcement only method. Group coaching/facilitation is great for teams, Board of Directors, senior management, entrepreneurs and others to keep everyone on track and make sure things are getting done.

In-Person Transformative Intensives

Your place or mine — Palm Springs CA area

For fast results, one can spend ½ day, a day or week at a time with Dr. Ilani. Usually in a retreat or healing spa setting where you have time out.

The advantage of in-person intensive, the transformation is customized to your needs at the moment. It is an amalgam of coaching, mentoring and healing all combined with the purpose of moving you to the next level, clearing your past, and helping you reprogram a better or a brand new future. It is a good time/setting for re-invention or a deep healing time.


Your place or mine — Palm Springs CA area

For deeper and reflective exploration, Dr. Ilani offers in-person retreats for individuals, couples, groups, and corporations, where she facilitates deeper healing through a melding of reprogramming, release work, and energetic clearing. You will re-emerge with an updated self-image, greater personal clarity, and feeling of renewal. You’ll leave with new skills, a refreshed spirit, and a spring in your step.

How Do We Get Started with Coaching?

If you’d like to explore coaching together, I recommend we have a brief phone consultation to discuss your coaching goals and needs. For international clients, Skype consultations are also available. To request your consultation, please get in touch using my online contact form, call me at 310-281-8844 or email me directly at coach@performancebreakthroughdoctor.com.


Coaching Testimonials

"Dr. Ilani’s Pause Method® has proven to me that life-changing results are what I can expect. Having had one session with Dr. Ilani and the application of The Pause Method® continues to have a powerfully beneficial impact on all aspects of my life and business."
"Dr. Ilani’s incredible ability to directly identify and replace the non-beneficial beliefs that I had, immediately allowed me to not only be able to make new choices but to now, a year later, have a whole new spectrum of choices. I am no longer stuck in my old framework. I feel so much more personal power since I worked with Dr. Ilani. I am able to make a lot more conscious choices with great ease and take responsibility for what is happening in my life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Ilani for the powerfully magical work that I feel is the leading edge solution to our troubled and stressful time. I believe that her results- based method is the methodology whose time has come."

Rev. Rich Lenzini

Temecula, California

"When I heard about “The Pause Method®” my first reaction was that of a skeptic. Being a very busy and hyper person by nature, I did not believe that anyone could even get me to “Pause” long enough to catch my breath. However, since I was going through difficult times in my business, a lot of frustration and fear seemed to follow me around, I knew I needed to do something, and since Dr. Ilani came highly recommended, I decided to give her a try.
"I was truly amazed by the results; very intuitively she zoomed in on my issues, made me aware of what in my thinking was causing the shortcomings and limitations, keeping my desired success always “in the future”."
"Her approach was to the point – yet seemed fairly effortless, but the results were immediate. It felt as if some invisible force opened floodgates and my reality changed in a magical way, successes were pouring in and I felt totally free of the “black cloud” which seemed to be always there."

Eleonore Austerer-Williams The Eleonore Aussterer Gallery

Palm Desert, California

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful, inspiring workshop you presented. It has changed the way I look at my business, a plus for my bottom line.
I did not expect the powerful changes it has made in my personal life. I can’t thank you enough. I will recommend you to my business associates, and if you are giving another Pause Method® Seminar in my area I would like to attend along with my staff. With The Pause Method®, you helped me with my business."

Cindy Lynne Brazzel

Blue Coyote Jewelry, Sherman, Texas

"I can’t even tell you how different I feel. This dark cloud that always weighed on me, disappeared"


Nurse, Saint Paul, Minnesota

"The training shifted my work relationships dramatically and increased my productivity."

Roger Wood

Computer Wiz and Musician, Venice, California

Husband came for coaching, not marital counseling.
The wife commented, after 3 days of daily coaching sessions:
"Thank you for giving me my old husband back."
After 4 days of daily coaching sessions:
"Thanks for giving me a better husband than I have ever had."