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Dr Dorit Ilani

For complimentary consultation call 310.281.8844. You can also get in touch using our online contact form.

For international inquiries, please request a Skype appointment, or email Dr. Ilani below. coach@performancebreakthroughdoctor.comemail Dr. Ilani

Dorit Susan Ilani, Ph.D. is known as The Performance Breakthrough Doctor™ and is the author of Pause-Ability: the Most Elegant Way to Outperform Yourself (Fall 2014) and the Founder of The Pause Method®. Dr. Ilani is known for her incredibly personable and engaging speaking style.

She is a professional speaker, workshop leader, trainer, facilitator and coach who works with companies, organizations, professional associations and the military to improve individual and organizational performance and adapt to change. Dr. Ilani tailors topics, content and tools specifically to her clients immediate needs.

Dr. Ilani specializes in advancing performance, improving organizational culture, enhancing employee and customer relations, alleviating stressful interactions with difficult people, managing change with less stress and greater ease, burnout prevention and recovery, and transformational diversity programs.

Dr. Ilani offers: