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Choose the Uniquely Qualified Performance Breakthrough Doctor for Your Next Event

Dr. Dorit Ilani, The Performance Breakthrough Doctor™ offers a rare combination of cutting-edge knowledge, an intuitive ability to sense the audience, and exceptional skill at explaining complex but practical concepts in an easy-to-understand way, all geared for your audience to walk away with usable take-home points to catapult them into outperforming themselves on a lasting basis.

Welcome to a new generation of insight-driven transformational talks!

When You Hire Dr. Dorit Ilani, Ph.D.

Dr. Ilani goes beyond pumped-up motivation to truly inspire your audience with a sense of direction and a strategy for change. If your company is tired of pop psychology, drained by hyped-up motivational techniques that only fizzle out as the speaker is out the door . . . then Dr. Ilani is your speaker.

Key Highlights From Dr. Ilani’s Track Record

Dr. Ilani’s notable track record:

  • Recipient of several University Outstanding Teaching Awards
  • Founder of The Pause Method®
  • Author of Pause-Ability, The Most Elegant Way to Outperform Yourself™
  • Transformed thousands of lives in a variety of organizations
  • Worked with diverse audiences including active duty Marines, executives from the entertainment industry, IT professionals, financial sector leaders, C-suite executives, hospital and medical industry personnel, government agencies, and realtors.

Dr. Ilani Provides Extra Value

In addition to her extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge, Dr. Ilani goes the extra mile to make sure her presentation’s tools and content hit home.

She spends considerable time customizing her presentations so that her material has direct impact on your people, your challenges, your competition, your change initiatives, and your needs. Her goal is to make your meeting a success, leaving a lasting impact and making you look good!

Pre-Presentation Enhancements (Optional)

Dr. Ilani can provide the following optional enhancements to support your presentation, which may include:

  • Interviewing key decision maker(s) to precisely hone in on and address the top concerns, challenges, and issues the company is currently facing.
  • Developing a special e-mail series for participants prior to meeting to build interest, encourage participation, and to motivate them to fully experience the event.
  • Offering articles for your newsletter or magazine to promote Dr. Ilani’s program prior to the meeting and to reinforce it long after Dr. Ilani has gone.
  • Making a gift of one of Dr. Ilani’s e-mail newsletter subscriptions to all participants.


Dr. Ilani creates materials that support engagement, lasting impact and new neuro-patterning connectivity during the presentation, including:

  • Providing worksheets and special handout materials to support integration of the new learning.
  • Engaging with your audience in an interactive way.
  • Asking thought-provoking questions throughout the presentation.
  • Plus… Dr. Ilani will not “run off” after the presentation. She will be available to answer personal and professional questions and concerns after her talk.

Post-Presentation Integration (Optional)

Beyond her presentations, Dr. Ilani can also provide customized optional follow-up programs to support your employee’s and company’s transformation, which may include:

  • Follow-up e-mail messages to all participants to thank them and to summarize the program.
  • Special, custom–created consulting, training, or mentoring programs designed to take your participants to the next level of mastery and integration with the material.
  • Unlimited “hot-line” consulting for the company’s employees and/or executives.
  • Cutting-edge, scientifically-based, online performance accountability support programs to ensure measurable behavioral-change.

Dr. Ilani Makes Your Job Easier

Dr. Ilani is flexible and will help you in any way possible to make your meeting the best:

  • She takes your needs and your organization’s needs into account in all decisions and deliverables.
  • She arrives early and stays late, so you feel comfortable that the entire event will occur in a timely way, with an easy setup and wrap up.
  • She communicates with you frequently and responds promptly.
  • She is happy to tailor her titles and talks so they are uniquely suited to your events.
  • She will help you brainstorm themes and structures for your events and to select and find other speakers on other topics if needed.

Dr. Ilani Is a Rare Breed

Dr. Ilani offers a rare combination of cutting-edge knowledge of neuroscience, psychology, physics, and personal development and a real down-to-earth, practical approach that helps people function more optimally in a fast-paced, demanding, changing reality.

Dr. Ilani is multilingual, multicultural, and has an exceptional capacity to feel and adapt to various audiences. She has spoken to and trained diverse audiences such as CEOs and other executives, at universities and colleges, interfaith and religious communities, corporations, professional associations, military personnel (IDF, Marine Corps and Navy Service Members), high-risk youth, doctors, nurses, hospital technicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Ilani Focuses on Service

  • Dr. Ilani aims to work within your budget.
  • Dr. Ilani is happy to provide discounts for multiple presentations.
  • If Dr. Ilani has another presentation already in the same geographical area, she will either provide a waiver for travel expenses or a split-fee.
  • Dr. Ilani also makes long-term, cost-effective contracts available for multiple locations, offices, departments, and group coaching.
  • Dr. Ilani is committed to increasing your bottom line in the most cost effective package.
  • Dr. Ilani is committed to a range of social causes. So if you have a low-budget non-profit or emerging business, she may be willing to consider special fee arrangements.


Most importantly, Dr. Ilani will provide your audience with an
interactive, experiential, high-quality content experience.

Your audience will see themselves improving their performance
as they listen and as they envision their next steps going forward
with tools they can put into practice… NOW!


Customized Packages Available

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