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“If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”

~ John F. Kennedy

There is an increased need for a new type and a new level of diversity training. As our culture has changed its values, there is an increasing pressure or demand, both legally and otherwise, to be racially and culturally correct toward all minorities and diverse groups, however, the means to change internally is not provided. We even use punitive measures against those who outwardly express these prejudices without teaching them how to change. This pressure only forces people to repress their now unacceptable notions more deeply into their subconscious minds, which puts them at greater risk for prejudicial behavior.


When you successfully address and embrace diversity in your organization, you can expect to see:

  • A healthier, happier organizational culture
  • New talents emerging from within the ranks
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased market penetration and market share
  • Revenue growth
  • Decreased conflict, acrimony, and lawsuits
  • Increased productivity and employee retention

Dr. Ilani’s hands-on talks, seminars, and programs are designed not only to release the shame and blame of carrying such notions, but actually to provide the techniques to change them. The prerequisite for success with such a method is an increased awareness of what needs to be changed, which this training facilitates without any need for personal disclosure.

Dr. Ilani offers keynotes & introductory talks, transformational training seminars, and diversity coaching programs. The talks begin awareness, a new conversation, and a new perspective. The hands-on, experiential training seminars are designed to provide the skills to make the necessary internal shifts, as each participant deems personally appropriate within their own time frame, cadence, and framework, using the means and context provided. The diversity coaching programs provide in-person, in-house, in-depth coaching and training to help your organization make powerful shifts in reducing diversity-related conflicts, misconceptions, and misunderstandings, and increasing overall productivity and success.

Dr. Ilani’s Background in Diversity Training

As a diversity educator and the daughter of a Holocaust Survivor, Dr. Ilani’s mission is to facilitate greater understanding and harmony between and among groups. From the Holocaust experience, Dr. Ilani is acutely aware that conventional education is insufficient to overcome prejudices — some of the greatest participators in that human tragedy were highly educated people. Dr. Ilani has spent decades investigating and researching various tools and techniques for this purpose, which she outlines in her upcoming book Out of the Shadow: Embracing Diversity, Without Losing Your Job, Dignity, or Relationships (2015).

As a result of her extensive experience and research, Dr. Ilani has created ground-breaking speaking, training, and immersion programs that operate on multiple levels of depth, described following:

Level 1: Keynotes & Introductory Talks

Level 1: Keynotes & Introductory Talks

  • The 12 Keys to Working Effectively in a Diverse Environment
  • The 7 Pitfalls of Cultural Awareness/Cultural Competency and Ways to Overcome Them
  • Addressing the Common Challenges Of Embracing Diversity

Level 2: Transformational Training Seminars

Level 2: Transformational Training Seminars

Module One, Foundation: Overcome Prejudice, Biases and Stereotypes

Experiential Skill Building, 2 hours

The purpose of this class is to give the participants practical techniques to replace their culturally-inherited prejudices and stereotypes without shaming, blaming or having to disclose any personal perceptions.

Module Two, Advanced Mastery Seminar: Addressing the Deeper Issues of Diversity

Experiential Skill Building, 2 hours

In the advanced mastery seminar, participants go more deeply into their unexplored loyalties and personal backgrounds so they can release unconscious barriers and develop a new level of ease with diversity.

A Diversity Immersion Day

Experiential Skill Building & Interactive Group Processing, Full Day

The Diversity Immersion Day includes both Module One, Foundation and Module Two, the Advanced Mastery Seminar in a one day intensive format, along with additional Q&A sessions and group integration methods, all aimed at an unprecedented level of skill-building and healing of what stops us from being at ease with diversity.

Level 3: Diversity Coaching Programs

Level 3: Diversity Coaching Programs

Diversity Implementation Coaching Programs

Typically four to six months, customized for your organization

If your work place has chronic diversity challenges, my Diversity Implementation Coaching Programs offer custom-designed support through small group coaching to resolve ongoing, specific diversity issues, improve the organization’s culture, and ultimately increase productivity in the organization.

Individualized or Small Group Coaching for “Problem Individuals”

Typically four to six months, customized for your organization and the specific individuals involved

This program is designed for employees — even leaders — you wish to retain who are brilliant at their jobs or are great assets to the company, but either have blind spots or cross the line when it comes to diversity issues, whether related to gender, minority, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, etc. In a highly-personalized, skill-focused, coaching program tailored to each individual’s personal challenges, participants work with me one-on-one or in small groups to modify their behavior in such a way that they no longer pose threats to employee moral or productivity, or trigger potential legal liability issues.

Diversity Coaching for Executives or Leaders

Typically four to six months, customized for your organization and the specific individuals involved

The work force takes a cue from the leaders of an organization in terms of what is seen as acceptable behavior. In order to lead the way to a more productive, healthier organizational culture, executives, leaders, and managers can gain the skills they need to be the front-runners and role models in their organization’s transformation through this executive level coaching program.

“We need to give each other the space to grow, to be ourselves, to exercise our diversity.
We need to give each other space so that we may both give and receive
such beautiful things as ideas, openness, dignity, joy, healing, and inclusion.”

~ Max de Pree


Combination Packages Available

For instance, many organizations benefit from a combination package such as the following:

  • A Keynote Talk
  • An Immersion Day
  • Diversity Implementation Coaching
  • Executive Level Coaching
  • …plus optional Add-Ons below

Package Add-Ons

Organizations can benefit from incorporating Package Add-Ons in order to increase the impact, success, and implementation of their diversity program.

  • Unlimited consultation access: Dr. Ilani designs a customized program for your organization where any employee can call in for phone consultations on diversity-related challenges they are facing. These consultations can be used for proactive support while the problem is still small or when it has escalated to a full-blown conflict, though the intention will be to create intervention as early as possible.
  • Multiple day retreats to deepen diversity understanding and transformation with targeted groups within your organization, such as leaders, “problem” individuals, or specific minorities for deeper healing. Retreats could include guest speakers, evening movies, journaling, and more.
  • Collaborative diversity awareness events with multiple departments within your organization or with sister companies.
  • Articles for your company to disseminate via your website or newsletter or for events.
  • Advanced digital copies of Dr. Ilani’s forthcoming book on Out of the Shadow: Embracing Diversity, Without Losing Your Job, Dignity, or Relationships (2015).

Get Started

If you’d like to explore developing a customized diversity program package or discuss my standard offerings, Dr. Ilani recommends having a brief and complimentary phone consultation to discuss your organization’s goals and needs.

For international clients, Skype consultations are also available.

To request your consultation, please get in touch using the online contact form, call Dr. Ilani at 310-281-8844 or email her directly at coach@performancebreakthroughdoctor.com.

Disclaimer: Please note that Dr. Ilani is not a diversity attorney and is not responsible for diversity-related legal issues. Dr. Ilani specializes in resolving conflicts at the intra-personal and inter-personal level. If there are legal implications or involvement, Dr. Ilani suggests retaining an attorney’s services in advance, instead of, or in addition to her services.