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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

~ Leo Tolstoy

Why Hire a Change Management Expert?

Managing Change

Organizations don’t change, people do. One person at a time. Understanding how to optimally facilitate change most elegantly with the least amount of friction, acrimony, and loss of productivity is the hallmark of good change management.

Elegantly means expending the least amount of effort for maximum results.

Though it is individuals who change or change the way they work, corporations and organizations have a huge impact on their employees’ capacity for productivity, and therefore, as a manager, company, or leader, there is much you can do to facilitate change and increase productivity.

A common myth is that change management is only about the soft side of change.

In fact, management of change is about meeting financial goals that are tied directly to employees’ speed of adoption, utilization of the change, and proficiency. In the case of non-profit organizations, it is also about meeting the mission and goals of the organization as well.

When Should You Hire a Change Management Expert?

Companies and organizations are well served by hiring a change management expert for key or abrupt change such as:

  • Rapid expansion or growth of your company
  • Introducing a new management team
  • Merging two organizations with different cultures
  • When you introduce a new change initiative in your company
  • Rapid changes in your market which require rethinking your strategies and tactics
  • New advertising campaigns which place new demands on delivery
  • Acquiring new technologies which change how people work and interact
  • Plans and strategy to downsize
  • Facing new government regulations or legal action requiring your organization to change
  • When your company or organization needs to refresh or alter its mission statement

Dr. Ilani’s Cutting-Edge Methodology

Dr. Ilani uses ProSci’s ADKAR® evidenced-based model and methodology for change combined with her personally developed Pause Method® to facilitate new processes & systems to meet your desired goals & outcomes. Dr. llani will help facilitate all phases of change implementation for your corporation or organization, including:

  • Pre-change assessment of how the change(s) will impact various departments and individuals
  • Proactive management of the communication to minimize misinformation and confusion
  • Coordinating and facilitating dialogue between affected employees and departments
  • Leadership training
  • Employee training
  • Coaching employees and/or executives or the Board of Directors
  • Coaching CEOs
  • Post-change follow-up assessment, training, coaching, and reinforcement

What Can You Expect When You Initiate Change?

Resistance to change is natural — it seems to be an almost a built-in condition of our human DNA. With change, you can expect a decline in productivity and an increase in resistance. Research shows that with poorly managed change, you can expect a bigger negative impact that will last longer. The degree of impact will vary by group and depends on the effectiveness of change management put to work.

The reality is that change creates instability and introduces risk to the organization.

Multiple changes within the organization aggravate and compound this risk.

Taking control of the change process is what change management is all about.

What Change Management Can Do For You

When you proactively introduce change management to your organization or company, you can expect to see:

  • An increase in your projects’ success, speed, and completion rates
  • The successful management of your employees’ natural resistance to change
  • An improvement in the organization’s overall capacity for change
  • Mitigation and reduction of negative consequences of change
  • Savings in costs and waste, and an increase in your bottom line
  • Stronger employee and customer relationships

Managing change has a direct impact on business results & financial performance.


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