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What Can The Pause Method® Do For You?

Dr Dorit IlaniThe Pause Method® is the most elegant way to outperform yourself. It is a cutting-edge strategy to help you handle change and information overload more proactively and more effectively, using the natural pauses that already exist in your life or that you learn to consciously create.

When you use The Pause Method®, you will know how to break through limiting habits and emotional reactions that no longer serve you, from the smallest day-to-day interactions all the way to larger repeating behaviors that consistently get in the way of your personal satisfaction with your life as well as your on-the-job performance.

This is about reprogramming and upgrading your entire internal operating system so you can respond more consciously and effectively in the moment to the greater demands put on you by our current hectic pace of living, any outdated notions you may be holding, expectations and beliefs that get in your way, and information overload.

For example, if you work in a fast-paced environment with high demands on your time and attention where you’re required to move quickly from meeting to meeting, such as a CEO, doctor, sales person, or high level manager, you will regularly encounter challenging situations with difficult co-workers, employees, customers, clients, or patients that may trigger you and cause you to feel overwhelmed, angry, or emotionally reactive. The hidden impact and costs of these kinds of interactions are failure in goal achievement, broken communication, escalated conflicts, long-term stress, job dissatisfaction, damaged relationships with your co-workers, customers, and family, poor health and well-being, and your bottom line.

But when you use The Pause Method®, you will easily and elegantly release the emotional charge and move gracefully into your next meeting, sales call, or appointment without having your earlier experience distract you, compromise your performance and decision-making, or bleed through to your next interaction.

The Pause Method® is an invaluable strategy that can be used in organizations and corporations as well as individually.

What is a Pause?

A “pause” – in this context – is the conscious use of an interval of time for a specific purpose.

Given the pace of our lives and the amount of information we have to process, using our minds and attention wisely is essential to our well-being and to good decision making.

The concept of taking a pause is not new. All major religions and mind disciplines recommend and practice pauses. What’s new, however, is that with the intense pace and demands of our lives, the necessity for pauses and what we do within them is radically different. Up until now, it has been common for people to be taught to take simple pauses for deep breaths and centering visualizations, but The Pause Method® goes far beyond that into the realm of precise self-mastery and higher consciousness. It is for this new function that Dr. Ilani developed The Pause Method®.

Even in the free time we have, and on our vacations, there is a greater demand on time out.

Taking a correct pause is paradoxically crucial to keeping up with the demands of our lives.


It’s About Making Wiser Choices
Disengaging from Distracting & Destructive Behavior
Consciously & Powerfully Programming for a New Future


Learning to use The Pause Method® is about making wiser choices in how you use your time, thoughts, energy, resources, and talents, especially in this current period of history where we’re experiencing an unprecedented and accelerated pace of change at all levels: personally, culturally, and in the workplace.

At a practical, everyday level, a pause can be used to simply change the direction of a conversation or to regroup after a difficult interaction.

At the highest level – a spiritual level – a pause can become a step in the process of consciously creating your own reality, your own destiny, or destination.

Fundamentally, a pause pre-exists, whether you are aware of it or not. There is always a split second of time between every two thoughts you experience. The key is learning to recognize the pause and to consciously expand and direct its energy and function. This is the basis of The Pause Method®. This is the space from which mastery over life and business can happen, where creativity and innovation truly flows.

What Can The Pause Method® Do For Your Organization?

In organizations and corporations, Dr. Ilani uses The Pause Method® to help C-suite executives, managers, departments, teams, and employees work together and individually at their highest level of performance.

Companies who use The Pause Method® find that their workforce:
  • Operates with greater productivity.
  • Provides better customer service.
  • Functions in a better organizational culture with an increase in healthy competition.
  • Attains their goals more rapidly.
  • Focuses at a higher level.
  • Works better together in teams.
  • Sees greater employee retention.
  • Produces an increased bottom line.
Companies benefit from using The Pause Method® when they are facing issues such as:
  • Dysfunctional employee interactions, like backstabbing, gossip, and undermining each other
  • Information overload
  • Individual overwhelm
  • Emotional reactivity in their workforce
  • Broken communication
  • Customer service failures
  • And more

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What Can The Pause Method® Do For You, as an Individual?

When you work with Dr. Ilani individually, she will teach you the specific strategies of Pause Method® so you can learn how to be more centered, develop a sense of equanimity, prevent burnout, recover from burnout, release the past, shatter your own inner glass ceiling, see yourself in a new way, and reprogram yourself for a bigger, better future. The major benefits include:

  • Breaking through your limitations and old, unwanted behavior.
  • Having the confidence that comes from knowing how to deal with difficult situations and difficult people.
  • Experiencing the relief of releasing negative emotions.
  • Responding rather than reacting.
  • Having greater freedom of choice unhindered by your past experiences.
  • Having clarity and vision about yourself and what you truly want out of life.
  • Thriving in fast-paced environments effectively.
  • Maintaining your energy even in high stress situations.
  • Retaining your creativity even under intense pressure.
  • Having more satisfying and easier relationships.

For example, when you’re dealing with a difficult situation like an unhappy family member, an angry customer, or upset patient where reacting will only make it worse, you can use the series of techniques you’ll learn through the Pause Method® to release your initial reaction so you can respond more appropriately and calmly, and feel better about yourself and the outcome.

The Pause Method® can also be used when major emotional traumas come up, like a sudden break-up or job loss, to help you process and release the painful, difficult emotions and be able to continue functioning in an optimal manner.

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